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Terms & Conditions

First Lesson
New pupils will be asked to sign these very terms & conditions either before or during 1st lesson. If not signed, 2nd lesson will not go ahead.

Cancellation of lessons
I employ a 24 cancellation cut off period. If you wish to cancel a lesson a minimum of 24 hours prior notice should be given. Payment will be held and another lesson will be booked if lessons are cancelled before the 24 hours period. If lesson is cancelled after 24 hours period, the lesson payment will still be required for lesson time. If I have repeated cancelations 36 hours before lesson you will not be changed for lesson time but I have the right to refuse future lessons. You should receive a lesson reminder 48 hours before arranged lesson but if you have not received text reminder it is still your responsibility and still have to pay for lesson time.

Drop off
If you would like to be dropped off in a location out of my covered area, the time it will take me to get back to my covered area will be taken from the time of the lesson.

Lesson Payments
Lesson payments should by bank transfer before lesson. If a second lesson has been book but no payment has been made then the next lesson will be cancelled until payment has been made. Day of test, a 2 hour payment should be made before test.

Block bookings
Block bookings must be paid in full before the first lesson. If you decide to leave, you will be refunded the credited hours with discount not included. Refunds will be done by bank transfer only.

Driving test
When booking a driving test please use my personal reference number, if not used I may not be available for test. One week before driving test we will carry out our own mock driving test. If we both feel we are not ready for test, we will delay test for short time while working on our weak spots. As a health & safety issue it is important that we both agree we are ready for the test. If the pupil feels unready, we rearrange test date. If James ADI doesn't feel ready, James ADI will provide reason why and if pupil refuses the instructors advise he has the right not to use his car for test. All driving tests will be a two hour charge for 1 hour lesson before test, 40 minutes for the test itself and the 20 minute drive to drop off point.

Alcohol or drug use
If I have reason to believe a learner to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs I will terminate lesson. I may require a breathalyser test and this is declined, the lesson will be terminated. Payment of the lesson will still be required. I also have the right to end all future lessons. If this is the case block bookings will be refunded without discount included.